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GLOMO is a consultancy business who are selective on who we let into our family, both colleagues and clients, to ensure we maintain a focus on the individual. All consultants employed at GLOMO are senior developers who take responsibility and always aim to write efficient and future friendly code. We care about finding the ultimate match between consultants and clients.


GLOMO AB was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of the company Globalmouth Holding AB. The purpose was to concentrate on the consultancy side of the business rather than the previous main focus on product development.

Historically, we have had a strong presence within the sports betting industry with clients from all over the world such as Mr Green, Unibet, and Napoleon. As of 2020 we have expanded and our clients may now be found within the sports betting industry as well as industries such as retail (H&M), fintech (Klarna) and health tech (Doktor24).


We are proud of our history as prominent sports betting developers. Due to a highly competitive market, sports betting providers are extremely dependent on high performance, sleek design and elaborated user interfaces.

With the tech skills required to be a successful sports betting developer, we have built a stable foundation to be able to enter other markets. Today, we are not discriminating against any industry, but are active within most industries that require senior development competence. We are convinced that our prosperity is dependent on our developers being faced with challenges and opportunities deemed suitable and chosen by themselves.